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Big Red Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is not only the most popular hill station found in West Malaysia, but it is also famous for being a home to one of Malaysia’s largest Strawberry farms, apart from its vast tea plantations and organic vegetable market.

This popular resort destination is known for its pleasant climate all around the year, which makes it highly suitable for cultivating a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables. These large farms are spread mostly over Brinchang, Tanah Rata and KEA farm.

Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands

Big Red Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highlands is one of top tourist attraction sites, a must visit for all those on a tour in Cameron Highlands. Its hand picking strawberry chance is one of the reasons these farms attract a handful of tourists when it’s the season.

Located within a walking distance from Brinchang Town, right next to the Cactus Valley, this big red strawberry farm has a lot more to offer to the visitors. From a mesmerizing stroll across the strawberry farms, you may also hand pick some strawberry and eat them fresh.

The Big Red Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands is more than just a farm in many connotations. The strawberry cafe offers eatables made from fresh strawberries. Visitors love the fresh strawberry ice cream with strawberry smoothies.

Also identified as Taman Agro Tourism, Cameron Highlands, Big Red Strawberry Farm is suitable for people of all age groups, from old to adolescents, this farm is a destination in its own. While adults enjoy a walk across the farms, the children are enjoying their time playing games.

It is a fully sheltered farm, with naturally grown strawberries and lettuces. There is a center for potted plants along with a gift shop with all the souvenirs. You will find pillows, clothing, key chains or toys in the shape of strawberries.

The Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest strawberry production farm, thus an iconic yield of the salubrious hill station. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see a strawberry theme everywhere. Even in the restaurants and local eateries, including strawberries on the menu is a must.

Whether it is a restaurant’s specialty or used as an ingredient in the dish, strawberries are a main ingredient. However, to keep the fruit from going wasted, those that are unsold are processed into jams and other treats like pickles or biscuits are then distributed in the market for sale as dry goods.

The best time to enjoy the juiciest of strawberries in Cameron Highlands is the month of May till August. These are the months with most rainfall, the cold and dry weather following the rain falls is an ideal weather for strawberry cultivation. The strawberries are grown under the greenhouses, stacked on racks once they are packed in soil bags. The greenhouses keeps from excess moisture coming in.

With the ample of parking space in the complex, there is also a free Wi-Fi facility at the cafeteria and photography is allowed free of charge. Picking strawberries fro the strawberry farm is also among the best things to do in Cameron Highlands.

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