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Boh Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands – Taste of Malaysia

There are many reasons behind the popularity of Cameron Highlands and one being tea plantation, as the weather in Cameron Highlands is ideal for the production of tea. Based in Cameron Highlands in one of Malaysia’s largest tea producer, the Boh Tea Plantation has grown into three largest tea producing gardens across Ringlet and Brinchang.

Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands

Malaya – the previous known Malaysia was under British rule which had its own perks to the beautiful hill station. One of which was a Boh Tea Plantation, tea farm, pioneered by J.A. Russell in 1929.

While the world was entrenched into a great depression due to the World War II, Russell was very optimistic about commencing the tea farming business after he felt a great demand for it.

Eventually, his potentials being recognized, he was granted a concession of land to establish the very first tea garden in Habu, one of the major towns of Cameron Highlands. The tea garden area today bloomed into three tea gardens the first one being Habu and the other two in the Fairlie Tea Garden and Sungai Palas respectively.

The packaging company is located close to the Boh Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands, to ensure freshness of the tea and avoid it being perished. There is huge domestic as well as the international market for BOH tea products.

The Boh Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands is considered as one of the top attractive sites in the area which is worth visiting while on your stay in the beautiful hill station, BOH Tea Plantation covers a total area of 8000 acres of planted tea leaves.

The road to BOH garden is a worthwhile adventure in itself. The view of green hills along the narrow roads, ornamented with rows of tea plants is truly a treat to the eyes and might compel you to halt down a few times just to let the entire scenery intoxicate your senses. The best part is, you may stroll among the tea garden and pluck some tea leafs yourself.

The visit to the Boh Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands gets better when the tourists offer a free guided tour inside the factory where one has a great opportunity to acknowledge about the processing and packing of tea. You will learn about some important steps of tea processing. Each tour takes about 30 minutes. However, with a large number of crowds in the form of groups, you might have to wait up for your turn to be toured around the factory.

Once you are already there, a stop to the pit tea shop is a must. You must do justice to the entire visit by pampering yourself at a BOH tea shop that also has some scrumptious cakes to offer. The tea, the view of the tea garden and the mesmerizing ambience of the entire situation is a lifetime experience.

Colonial-era featured tea factory is open to the public that offers a gallery, amazing walks among the bushes and an open air cafe. Open all week around for except Mondays, from 9 in the morning to 4.30 pm. The entry ticket is free, in fact the visitors are provided free guided tours around the Cameron Highlands Boh Tea Plantation.

A visit to Boh Tea Plantation is one of the recommended activity and best things to do in Cameron Highlands. If you have visited Boh Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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