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Brinchang Cameron Highland – Highest Peak in Cameron Highlands

Tourist’s favorite hill station in West Peninsula Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is a widespread hill resort. Situated 1850 meters above the sea level, reaching up to Gunung Irau at 2110 meters – the highest altitude. The reviving cool weather of Cameron Highlands is very appealing to the tourists. The weather stays pleasant all year around and don’t not exceed 25 degrees in the day and 10 degrees at night. Therefore, you will mostly find people dressed up in their winter woollies in the evenings.

Brinchang Town Cameron Highland

Cameron Highlands, apart from its great tourist attractions, is also a home to Malaysia’s highest mountain that can be driven up by car. This is Gunung Brinchang Cameron Highland, situated in Brinchang town, which is reached to by car or by a hired taxi.

The taxi fare to the summit and back can amount to as much as RM 100. Before heading this way, it would be wise to negotiate with the taxi driver to see if the trip could include a visit to the nearby Mossy Forest and the Boh Tea plantation which is located at Sungai Palas. Since the road is very steep and narrow, the car ought to be driven carefully. However, the road is wide enough to allow the two cars pass across, each other that are coming in the opposite direction.

The road to the Brinchang Cameron Highland commences at a left turn along the Main road from Kea Vegetable Farms. You will reach the Sungai Palas junction after following the road for 2 km. Approach to the Sungai Palas tea estate by taking a left turn and you shall reach the narrow road in no time. This narrow road dithers between a concrete and rough bumpy road that lasts for 7 km, after covering the road which ascends steeply for another 3km after which a ridge-top is reached.

Once reached the top, the car is parked in a parking ground. From there you may proceed through a boardwalk that takes you into a Mossy Forest. Only limited cars can be parked in the parking ground, in case of non-vacant parking space, visitors can also walk up to the Gunung Brinchang Cameron Highland, by hiking through a jungle trail.

This trail starts in the Brinchang Town that begins alongside the main road after the police station. This 3km trail that leads to the peak is considered suitable for moderately fit tourists. This trail is marked with red ribbons and markings on the trees.

The mossy forests of the Gunung Brinchang in Cameron Highlands are yet another popular tourist attraction in the retreat. With trees as tall as 10m, covered in moss has an everlasting cloud like fog gives a creepy touch. It is often referred to the forest in Lord of the Rings.

There is a lookout tower with some breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings at the peak of Gunung Brinchang. The amazing overviews of the valleys, towns and mountains are a must watch. Therefore, this viewpoint makes Brinchang one of the most popular tourist spots in Cameron Highlands. A visit to the Mount Brinchang is also among the best things to do in Cameron Highlands.

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