Brinchang time tunnel cameron highland museum

Brinchang’s Time Tunnel Cameron Highland Museum

Camron Highlands is the most extensive hill stations in Malaysia, situated in the West Peninsula. It is said to be located 1850 meters above sea level, due to which the weather remains pleasant throughout. Cameron Highlands have numerous attraction sites that are very appealing to the visitors. From Strawberry farms to vegetable markets, Cameron Highlands are popular for being a home to some biggest farms in Malaysia.

Time Tunnel Cameron Highland

Since there are some worth visit tourist sites, Brinchang’s Time Tunnel Cameron Highland Museum doesn’t lag behind. This local museum is the first memorable museum in the entire Malaysia that came into being in early 2007. The time tunnel was pioneered by See Kok Chan, the brainchild behind the entire concept who was very fond of collecting and conserving antiques, strongly advocating the priceless worth of all old things.

See Kok Chan, recognized his fascination with the resort where he had grown up. He started collecting the old pictures of the resort town. These pictures included the boarding school for European children, P. Ramlee’s pictures of the old Identity card and convent primary school building back from the British rule era, dating 1950’s.

The Time Tunnel Cameron Highland Museum is located in Brinchang, occupying the Strawberry farm’s basement. There is a total of 1000 items exhibited in the museum and all belong to See’s personal collection. See collected the junk over the years of internal travelling and together with Kok Lim strawberry farm, pulled off to open the tunnel museum.

The time tunnel museums consist of two levels – the upper level is a corridor with narrow shelves along the way with exhibits. Next comes the Kitchen where an old stove along with charcoal stoves and other items like grinding stones, old tiffin and meat-safes are displayed.

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Visitors love this segment the most since it reminds them of all the earliest appliances from their childhood. Visitors happily point out each of it to their children and grandchildren, narrating how it was back then.

The lower level has beautiful landscapes and scenery to offer to the visitors. It mainly has snapshots from life during the colonial era, with their old ways of dressing, and other things depicting the old typical lifestyle. Apart from the pictures depicting the lifestyle of the Cameron Highlanders in the early times, some prominent figures are also highlighted. For instance, P. Ramlee’s the oldest musician, Singapore’s first PM Lee Kuan Yew, etc.

Apart from pictures, other collectibles include ceramic toys, vinyl discs, bottles, etc. Moreover, the Time Tunnel Cameron Highland Museum also has sections for other important aspects like agricultural activities, tourism development, etc.

There is no age limit for the visitors who can visit any day in week between 9am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. Adults and children are charged MYR5 and MY3 respectively per visit.

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Address: Cameron Highland, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia

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