Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands – Explore Cactus Plants

Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia most wide-ranging hill stations that span over the area of 712 sq km. Situated on the North-Western tip of Pahang, with its boundary touching the Kelantan in the west, shares a border with Ipoh.

This popular retreat is also known for comprising four major towns. Among which Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang are most visited by the tourists for their popular attractions. Some of which are KEA Farm – a vegetable market, Kuala Terla and Kampung. These towns are surrounded by villages at varying altitudes.

This salubrious hill station is situated at 1850 meters above sea level, privileged with beautiful green scenic splendor and a very pleasant weather that revitalizes the soul. The temperature barely crosses 25°C in the day and dropping to as low as 12°C at night.

This kind of weather has gifted Cameron highlands with a tendency of yielding a variety of fruits, flowers and vegetables that you may seldom find in any other part of Malaysia.

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands

Cactus Valley is among the most popular tourist destinations in Cameron Highlands. Found in Brinchang next to the Pasar Malam, Cactus Valley has a large collection of variety of cacti, with some exotic known species. There are different Cacti ranging from different sizes and colors to the age of being as old as 60 years.

Calla lily, Ananas, Glory Bush, Geranium, Oncidium, Coleus and many others are just some of a huge variety of inclusive plants and shrubbery found in the Cactus Valley. Among a variety of fruits, apple trees along with other fruit plants are also yielded here. Tomatoes, strawberries and other vegetables are found, cultivated in the vicinity. The good news for the tourists is: they are also for sale.

Those specimens for sale are grown in pots. Hence, the Cactus Valley is a combo of a huge garden, industry and a farm. However, it’s not only the cactus plant that appeals to the tourists, but the green and botanical beauty.

Getting to Cactus Valley

Located on the hill, Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands can be reached by foot. Follow the main road in the Brinchang Town, and turn left right away when you have reached the Star Regency Hotel, opposite to which is where the popular night market stands. Follow the road until you reach a signboard that reads The Cactus Valley. From there, you need to take a few steps up the steep hill and you shall soon see the entrance to the Cactus Valley.

Ticket & Opening Hours

However, you might need to buy the tickets so as to take a tour of the Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands. The tickets for adults is RM4 and RM2 for children. The opening hours of the Valley are from 8 am to 6 pm. When in Cameron Highlands, visiting this Cactus Valley justifies your entire tour.

A visit to Cactus Valley is one of the top things to do in Cameron Highlands. If you have visited Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands, and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comment below.

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