Best Cameron Highlands Hotel For Perfect Afternoon Tea

Cameron Highland is The Flawless Gem For Tea Lovers!

If we say “Cameron Highlands” what is the first word outshines in our mind? Mostly and definitely is TEA.

You are correct! This one of the most extensive hill stations in Malaysia is primarily an agricultural domain with tea as the major commodity. Since the beginning, Cameron Highlands has been one of the World’s leading tea producers.

So, it is obvious that Cameron Highland is the flawless gem for tea lovers. This highland is all about tea. This is the perfect place to surround your day with tea all the time.

It started back in the day when John Archibald Russell (son of the British administrative officers) began to develop a tea plantation in 1929 (we all know that tea is one of the British customs). The British planters realized that the fertile mountain slope in this highland was real potential. With the elevation of 4.400 – 4.500 feet at 1.800 meters above the sea level altitude, the temperature in Cameron Highland falls ranging 8 – 25-degree Celcius, considered ideal for tea production.

The first tea plantation is now famed as BOH Tea Plantation. The BOH Tea Plantation today is prized as the must visit attraction in Cameron Highlands. Expanding 8.000-acre area, it’s supposed to be the largest tea plantation in the country and Southeast Asia.

For many years, BOH Tea Plantation grew across Ringlet and Brinchang, consisting of 3 tea gardens, pervade Habu Tea Garden, Sungai Palas Tea Garden, and Fairlie Tea Garden. The plantations produce up to 4 million kg of tea per year, enough to fill up to daily 5.5 million cups of tea. No wonder if the plantation is able to rule about 70% of the country’s tea production.

The Sungai Palas is adjacent to the tea factory from the Colonial Era named BOH Heritage Tea Center and Factory. The tea factory is open daily for public from 9 am to 4.30 pm (closed every Monday). The estate features tea exhibition hall, open-air café, and souvenir shop. There is also a small village with little Hindus temple around here.

It brings the visitor not only can enjoy the picturesque verdant tea plantation, but also can get close to the farmers to watch and learn the whole process of tea production. There is a free factory tour with the local guide, which end by sipping a fresh tea accompanied with cakes at the café overlooking the tea hills. Each tour takes about 30 minutes exploring the tea factory. At the final stop (the BOH TEA SHOP), you can choose your favorite tea from their best selections.

Best Cameron Highlands Hotel For Perfect Afternoon Tea

As the tea heaven, Cameron Highland surely surrounds you with the tea. After some great “tea trip” at the top destinations in this highland, you can still cuddle with the tea while staying at your hotel.

Almost the entire Cameron Highlands Hotels served the “tea nuance” to attract the tourists. They serve it either by the location, the environment, and the tour package or literally serve you the best tea on site. Among the best, these 2 are widely favored among the tourist (also recommended by Traveloka) for the great “tea sipping” experience.

The Cameron Highlands Resort

One of the oldest Cameron Highlands hotels is nestled amidst the mountainous forest with 40 lovely rooms and suites. Spacious private balcony attached to each room is the perfect place to sip your tea with the amazing view of the Malaysia’s green bowl. The best tea is served at the Jim Thompson Tea Room. This grandeur Cameron Highland hotel also offers special treat where the guest can enjoy a luxury picnic amidst the tea field at BOH tea plantation.

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

Addressed at Mile Ringlet 30th, The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands situated lovely at the top of the hills as the Tudor-style country house comprises 19 classic yet comfortable guest rooms overlooking the tea plantation, hills, and woodlands. The view surrounds the entire areas, including the restaurant, reading lounge, bar, and Lakeview Terrace. The best afternoon tea is served with selections of finger foods, cakes, or banana. It’s so memorable with the stunning view facing the tea plantation and the gorgeous lake.

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