cameron highlands trekking

Cameron Highlands Trekking – Jungle Trekking at Cameron

Situated on the Western Peninsula, Cameron Highlands has won itself a privilege of being of the most visited hill stations in Malaysia. Situated at 1850 meters from the sea level, this beautiful mountainous hill station has a pleasant weather all year around that makes it perfect for a variety of yields.

Hence, Cameron Highlands is most famous for its green scenic beauty and hill views. It is a great holiday spot for nature lovers who just relax themselves and revive their souls by merely strolling across its beautiful trails in the forest, big red strawberry farms and Tea plantation sites.

Cameron Highlands Trekking

However, Cameron Highlands is most popular for its jungle trekking. Tourists or visitors are reckoned to experience Cameron Highlands trekking at least once in their stay in the salubrious hill station. Cameron Highlands trekking is not only a much needed exercise, but its views are a treat to the eyes. While on trekking across the jungle that begins at the main road and ends all the way up to the peak of Brinchang, the variety of plant species shouldn’t surprise you.

Some of the most prominent species are wild orchids, pitcher plants, huge ferns and lipstick plants. Moreover, bird watchers also come here to just satiate their fascination of bird watching since the Cameron jungle is a habitat to more than seventy species of rainforest birds. Some of the most protuberant are Trojans, Forktails, etc. If you are a nature worshipper or love to work out, this is a suitable and refreshing spot for you and one of the best things to do in Cameron Highlands.

There are a number of trails or tracks in the jungle, each one marked with a 1-10 rating, depicting the severity of the climbing. However, some tracks might be closed due to bad weather conditions. I highly recommended that you consider a guide before commencing your Cameron Highlands trekking.

You may have to be cautious of some tracks that often treat you with Black Panther, the viper snakes, huge green lizards or even a civet. To enjoy the show, you might as well take a pair of binoculars or a camera, to capture the diverse habitats while walking over the trails.

You might as well prep yourself up with some essentials before you start jungle trekking at Cameron Highlands. Some of these essentials are:

  1. Cell phone – since it is a stroll across a natural jungle, a mobile phone might be handy in case of a call for help. Make sure you have your hotel’s number saved. Though, a local emergency helpline would be better.
  2. Water –walking can make you thirsty, so make sure you have a bottle of water before you get on this mossy jungle’s lengthy trail.
  3. Food –in case you feel hungry, having some snacks for a safe side would not hurt. Besides, you might need some energy.
  4. Torch –emergency lights or a torch is a must in case evening befalls and since it is a jungle don’t expect fancy street lights to guide you back home.
  5. Paper and pen –yet another essential to help you keep up with the directions of the trails.
  6. First aid box –this could be handy in emergency situations. So, if it’s a minor cut or an injury, you will have all the help you’d need.
  7. A lighter –in case you are lost and can’t figure a way back, a smoke can work as a great signal.

The jungle trekking in Cameron Highlands is one of the recommended activities to get close to the nature. Please share your experience by adding comments below.

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