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Enjoy Exotic View @ Equatorial Hill Resort Cameron Highlands

The Equatorial Hill Resort Cameron Highlands is also renowned as Copthorne Hotel, which is distinctively built at a Kea farm. In a way, the cluster of houses is owned by separate individuals in mountainous land that moves in both the directions i.e. upward and downward. The spacious capacity of the Equatorial Hills Resort was built around thirteen acres of land approximately, which was specifically constructed with the theme of Tudor English Dynasty. Therefore, it mainly has hotel tower with two hundred and sixty eight suites as well as deluxe rooms with superior attributes. For instance, specific timings have been allocated for check-in purposes, which is certainly around 3pm at noon.

Equatorial Hill Resort Cameron Highlands

Have a look at the below discussed reasons that highlight why should you choose to stay at Equatorial Resort Cameron Highlands:

A View of Equatorial Hill Resort’s Interior

The inner view of the resort is beautifully designed with eight special rooms and a Cameron Ball room articulated for ceremonies, business conferences, educational conventions, banquets and for other events.

Premiere services offered for Guests

The hotel tower of Equatorial Hill Resort Cameron Highlands offer its visitors with enormously luxurious services, which is generally inculcated with around seventy six myriad private apartment suites. It is also equipped with two hundred and sixty nine suites and rooms with superior attributes.


It is ideally located near the Brinchang village at a distance of few meters. Hence, its exact destination can be traced in between the lush green hilly areas at around 1,628 meters above the sea level with an exploration of flawless sights that includes mesmerized and rolling cliffs, lush green villages and productive farms.

Major Attractions Near to Equatorial Hill Resort

After reaching the apartments of Equatorial Hill Resort Cameron Highlands, you shall certainly analyze its real beauty of being established on a paradise spot with an impeccable view of the hills around in a tempting curved style. We can predominantly view the scenery of farming lands and villages from the peak of such hilly mountains.

Most Prominent Closely Packed Sights

The other myriad tempting sights that are closely packed to Equatorial Hill Resort are Robinson waterfall, Boh Tea farms, vegetable shops, restaurants, strawberry farms, Butterfly garden and farms.

Appealing Facilities

The abundant facilities provided by the Equatorial Hill Resort have been highlighted below:

  • The Tudor styled rooms are designed in a way that the guests can have a beautiful view of outdoor environment, along with lush green hills boundary all over.
  • An operable kitchen that certainly permits its visitors to enjoy their choice of food anytime of the day. For instance, the guests can opt to dine in for Asian, International, Local or specific Chinese cuisine.
  • The resort has also set up a different facility for making tea and coffee.
  • The visitors can watch satellite television in their comfortable rooms.
  • Some of the units designed in this resort are equipped with wireless internet.
  • Similarly, the visitors can also get entertained with in-house video channels as well. For instance, they can watch special live programs.
  • The facility of a mini bar is also being offered here for its plenty of visitors.
  • There are innumerous indoor facilities as well that mainly includes swimming pool area and live cricket lounge.
  • This ideal resort also offers its visitors to refresh and stay fit at the resort’s very own recreational facilities like health fitness center. Also, there is a specific playground for children.

The Equatorial Hill Resort is offering its guest commendable services. Your stay at this resort will make your tour more memorable. As mentioned above, some of the best attractions are located near to the resort, which will help you in avoiding the hassle of travelling at long distances.

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