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Explore Colorful Roses in Rose Valley Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular hill stations situated in West Malaysia, with an altitude as high as 1850 meters above sea level. Cameron Highlands can be reached by road, and the green mountainous views that it offers to the tourist along the narrow and steep road are breathtaking.

With that altitude, Cameron Highlands has a pleasant weather all through. The temperature remains from 10 to 25 degree Celsius. This pleasantly cool temperature makes the retreat highly suitable for cultivating various flowers, fruits and vegetables for which is it soon all over Malaysia.

Rose Valley Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is very popular for tourist attraction sites like strawberry farm, tea plantation, KEA vegetable farm and night market, etc. Rose Valley is yet another pride of Cameron Highlands that is a must visit for visitors on their tour in this salubrious hill resort.

Rose Valley Cameron Highlands is located in Tringkap, that is known to hold a collection of 450 varieties of roses, ranging from different colors to sizes. There are 20 fragrant varieties too. However, there are exhibited other species of exotic flowers too, some of which are Lily, Camellia, Gipsy flower and Lady shoe.

Not only does it possess a huge, priceless variety of this Heaven-sent flowers, but is also considered as one of the biggest flower valleys in Malaysia – the fact that attracts more tourists. The cool climate of the hill station offers an ideal condition and temperature for the flowers to grow.

Rose Valley Cameron Highlands, situated in 148 Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 39000 Pahang, Malaysia, welcomes both the locals and the visitors/tourists to absorb the entire valley experience, from a variety of roses showcased side by side with other exotic and beautiful flowers, to the entire mesmerizing view of the valley. Tourists never miss a chance to capture the views and their memories in such a pleasant place with their cameras.

Nonetheless, the Rose Valley Cameron Highlands is not only about nurturing your senses with the beautiful flowers and their intoxicating sweet fragrances, but are also a great source of knowledge for people who wish to know how the roses are incorporated in the grounds and engrained with underpants.

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The roses and its variety alone don’t keep your attention riveted, but the tall bushes and branches with the cascading effects is what leaves most visitors in an awe. There is a popular giant rose tree, whose branches ascends in an upward direction, with roses grown all over it. Rambler Rose has been yet another rose tree that will surely get your attention, because of its beautifully entwined branches.

Rose valley Cameron Highlands is very well-maintained by people to have a worthy time here. There is a toilet facility too. There is no age limit for the visitors who can come by any day from 8:00am in the morning to 6:00pm in the evening, after which the entries are closed for the day.

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Address: 148 Tringkap, Cameron Highland, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia

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