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How to travel by Bus from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands

Malaysia houses one of its prides in its West Peninsula at an altitude of about 1850 meters above the sea level. The Cameron Highlands has become Malaysia’s most popular tourist resort over the past couple of years, other than another famous tourist destination Ipoh or Perak. Both offer beautiful and green scenic views to the tourists that they consider as mesmerizing and revitalizing to their souls.

Bus from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of the most extensive hill stations that can be easily accessed by road. Due to the beautiful views all along the route, the tourists prefer to travel by road in a bus or in their personal vehicles. Ipoh to Cameron Highlands bus journey can take up to 3 hours. This is because of the slow pace at which the driver drives since the road is steep, narrow and hilly, and also so that the tourists can enjoy the sightseeing while on their way up.

The route that is followed in the entire journey to get from Ipoh up to the Cameron Highlands by bus is Taman Sung Choon followed by Chandan, Taman Muda, Simpang Pulai and Tampung Raja. The journey keeps getting better with the passage of each of these major and minor towns. However, since Simpang Pulai and Tampung Raja are a widespread of farms of strawberries and tea plantation, tourists get to enjoy the most while passing through these two towns.

For those on a budget, bus from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands is definitely the best option. Previously, you would have to take the trouble of going all the way to the terminal office and book the tickets. Now, you can also book your bus ticket in advance online.

In case you do not have the online access, it is most recommended that you may book your tickets in advance, especially if it’s the peak season for tourists.

GT Bhai Express is a popular bus company that is also known for having the cheapest bus fare from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands i.e. MYR 20 (Malaysian Ringgit). The bus takes off from Ipoh’s famous bus terminal known as Amanjaya bus terminal and even though it stops by at some attraction spots on its way, finally enters Cameron Highlands and drops the passengers in Tanah Rata bus terminal – the only arriving station in Cameron Highlands.

The bus ensures utmost comfort of the passengers and are hence equipped with all the basic essentials with more comfortable seats apart from the air condition facility. The tickets on the bus may vary from company to company, and the kind of bus you would want to travel in.

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