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How to travel by Bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands

Malaysia is privileged to house one of the most famous hill stations in the West. This is the Cameron Highlands that comprises four major cities surrounded by villages at varying altitudes. Ever since the advent of some highway routes to the hill station, it has become a number one visiting spot for the tourists or families who come here to spend vacations.

Bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands

Since there are no train tracks or airports in Cameron Highlands, the easiest way to get to Cameron Highlands from Penang or any other major city is via road. While many people choose to travel in their own cars and vehicles, those on budget prefer buses or minivans that head into Cameron Highlands.

To travel by bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands in order to indulge your senses into Malaysia most beautiful and popular hill station, tourists can take a direct bus from Georgetown on the mainland since it’s the most convenient option.

The Unititi Express and Billion Star Express are two of various bus companies found in Penang that offer a ride to visitors all the way to Cameron Highlands. While the ticket to Tanah Rata bus terminal can cost 40 RM, the journey by bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands can take from 5 to 6 hours, depending upon the weather or passenger load. There is one bus terminal in the heart of Tanah Rata where these travelers are dropped off.

Outside the bus station in Tanah Rata, the passengers can hire a cab or taxi that is found in clusters. This local transport offers rides to anywhere the visitor might wish to go. These taxis also offer any guidance a tourist might require regarding the nearest hotels, cheapest rents or tourist spot.

Since, the visitors are dropped off at Tanah Rata, this makes it one of the major tourist towns of the Cameron Highlands that has many accommodation facilities to offer to the visitors.

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Departure Spots in Penang

Because of its walking distance, many people stay in Georgetown from where they catch a bus easily from underneath KOMTAR. Or you could take a Rapid bus to drive to KOMTAR in Georgetown. Catching a ferry to get to Butterworth, and from there a bus to Penang bus station is yet another option. However, this option is not used by the majority.

Worthwhile Stops on your way

Almost all the bus companies in Penang have great packages to offer, these are not only reasonable but also flexible- as in they stop by at many different beautiful spots on your desire, so you can enjoy your 5 hour bus journey from Penang to Cameron Highlands to the fullest.

Ipoh is the third largest city, and a popular stop off. It is of great interest to those who are fond with Malaysian history. This is due to the presence of numerous cave temples that surround the limestone hills.

Kuala Kangsar and Taiping are yet more popular stop offs along the route to Cameron Highlands. These can be easily accessed via train from Ipoh, since they are located along the railway track.

If you have traveled by bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. To learn more about the island of Penang, you can visit Penang travel tips blog.

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