Travel From Singapore to Cameron Highlands

How to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands

Set about 600 km from Singapore, Cameron Highlands is one of the most visited hill stations in Malaysia that houses four of the big towns and surrounded by many villages. If you love travelling and exploring untapped areas, Cameron Highlands in Malaysia would be a great option. The guide below brief how tourist can travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Singapore to Cameron Highlands

There are many ways by which a visitor could get into Cameron Highlands since it is pretty well connected to many major cities on the west Coast.

Getting to Cameron Highlands by Air

The quickest way to get into Cameron Highlands is by flying into it. However, since there are no airports in Cameron, Ipoh Airport, located in Ipoh is the nearest. If you want to fetch cheap tickets you got to book early from Singapore. Numerous buses and outstation cabs outside the terminal is plenty, making it easier for you to head to the Cameron Highlands. For budget travelers, there is also a bus service from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands.

You can also plan your trip from Singapore in a way that, you visit Kuala Lumpur first and then travel to Cameron Highlands from there. You can take a flight from Singapore to KL and then take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. You can also take a cab from KL, which will take you to Cameron Highlands in 2 to 3 hours.

Express Buses to Cameron Highlands from Singapore

The only way to get from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands is through the land. Either privately, using your own personal vehicle or on an express bus. There is an undeviating bus service available from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, and you can also avail the bus service from either Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur to travel to Cameron Highlands.

The One Travel and Tours and Konsortium are two bus companies in Singapore that arrange buses to and from Singapore and Cameron Highlands on the daily basis. Both offer services with the most comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. The buses offer various drop-off stops like Ringlet, Brinchang Hotel, etc. with flexible departure and arrival times.

Konsortium bus ticket costs SGD 65 and the trip take about 8 to 9 hours. The Konsortium bus departs from the bus terminal at the Golden Mile tower in Singapore daily at 10:30 in the morning. The One Travel and Tours costs SGD 41. Ringlet, Lakehouse and the Equatorial hotel are some of various stops of the bus during a trip.

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Self-drive or Rent a Var

Yet another suitable option for the visitors to head into the Cameron Highlands from Singapore is by driving their own cars. This does not only save you from paying high taxi fares, but also makes it feasible for you to call by any place you like. Hence, many visitors rent a car from Singapore or other major cities before heading up to Cameron Highlands.

You might want to drive one of the tree trunk roads to Cameron highlands:

  1. Simpang Pulai – Route A181: This route is recommended for families with children since it is the most comfortable stretch.
  2. Tapah:
    • The Federal Route 59: Visitors headed from South take this road which is also known for being the oldest route.
    • Federal Route 185: Being the only route connecting Cameron Highlands to the East coast. Even though it is the shortest, you need to drive carefully since this stretch is highly prone to landslides and flooding during the monsoon.

Novices who are not acquainted with driving in the country should opt for Simpang Pulai, also known as the new route. The route through Tapah is narrower, and more susceptible to landslides during wet season. This is also known as the old route. Although driving through this old route is a little dangerous, for those who wish to see the popular the Iskandar waterfalls, should take the old route.

Since Cameron Highlands roads are fairly narrow, customarily two lanes (one for each direction). Any car waiting or taking a halt will block or cause a traffic jam and overtaking here is very difficult. So, during peak phases like annual vacations there is a traffic jam, especially about the main boulevards of the towns in the hill station.

Moreover, the new route comes from the opposite side of the mountain compared to the old route, which means that you will reach Brinchang before Tanah Rata, differing from the old route.

These are some of the ways to get to Cameron Highlands from Singapore. If you have experienced the journey from Singapore to Cameron Highlands and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. To learn more about traveling in Singapore, you can checkout, that provides travel tips & guide to Singapore.

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