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KEA Farm Cameron Highlands – The Largest Road Site Market

The Cameron Highlands is a popular hill station and tourist destination in Malaysia. The high altitude, pleasant weather & organic food attract a lot of tourists to this favorite tourist destination. There are many popular tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands and one of the popular is KEA Vegetable Farm.

KEA Vegetable Farm Cameron Highlands

Also recognized with an odd nickname as a Green Cow of Cameron Highlands, KEA Farm is well known for fresh vegetables in this beautiful and popular hill station of Malaysia. Tourists have been pouring in a lot into Cameron Highlands for its numerous attractive sites, KEA Vegetable Farm is yet another must visit for the visitors while on their stay in Camron Highlands.

Vegetable and other food stalls are typically set along the sides of the main road in Cameron’s major towns like Brinchang. KEA Farm Cameron Highlands, is no unalike. In fact, KEA Farm is the largest roadside vegetable market found in the Cameron Highlands.

Vegetable market is normally found open on a daily basis and the passersby or the cars do not have to face any problem in passing through or finding a place to park their vehicles. However, on a peak season, there is a frenzy of visitors to the KEA Farm Cameron Highlands, and that marks a huge traffic jam. You have to brave the traffic, especially if it’s a peak time and you are trying to get to the KEA Farm from Brinchang.

On a KEA Farm, there is a T junction where you will find a building that comprises numerous stalls and a cafe. The Strawberry View Cafe as it is known, has a balcony to serve your order to while you can enjoy a refreshing lively view of the KEA farms.

This T junction has stalls, like the aforementioned, that stretches all the way to the end of the road with a bend that reached out to another building called Rose Center. This is a C shape plaza, which is rather quiet with not too many traders in it.

With all these centers and stalls, it would be downright wrong to consider KEA Farm Cameron Highlands just a vegetable farm, since there are many stalls that sell a variety of other goods. From vegetable galore to beautiful flower stalls, you will find a huge variety of exotic flowers in the KEA farm.

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There are some souvenir stalls too, that sell goods, from key chains to shirts, with Cameron’s motif’s or signature. However, you will notice that stalls or shops that are close to the entrances are comparatively expensive than those situated further away. So it is reckoned that you might want to explore all the market and compare the rates before making purchases.

KEA Farm Vegetable market is also popular for its sweet corns. Surprisingly, these come in a variety, from being semi colored to different sizes. These are considered by grades, as A, B, C and D. These are sweet corns and are priced according to the grades of corn you wish to buy.

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