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Ringlet Cameron Highland – A Village Worth to Explore

The first and foremost village situated in the Cameron Highland is Ringlet. It can be traced easily, if you are about to travel from the Tapah city. Ringlet Cameron Highland is mainly considered as the gateway from the exotic resorts to the city of Kuala Lumpur. The distance of Ringlet is about forty-five kilometers, while departing from the destination of Tapah. Ringlet Cameron Highland is built on a mountainous area at the height of 1135 meters; just above the sea level at 3723 feet. It is like a small town consisting of plenty of villages like Bertam Valley, Boh, Habu, etc.

Facilities in Ringlet Cameron Highland

Being a village, Ringlet has to offer a number of facilities to its residents as well as to tourists. We have discussed the facilities below in two categories:

  • This small village has innumerable facilities to offer. Ringlet Cameron Highland is a hub of farming land, due to which numerous farmers dwell here. Small enterprise employers also come here to initiate their business. Agricultural fields in Ringlet, attracts the agricultural workers as well. In other words, the village offers numerous opportunities.
  • It has abundant vegetable farms, which are densely packed within the lush green mountains. Due to the backside river situated along the village, people dwelling here can avail various services like banks, petrol pumps, miscellaneous shops and restaurants. Also, a lottery counter is available for the dwellers of Ringlet.
  • People similarly enjoy their leisure hours by availing lots of other facilities. In free time, people play snooker, visit beer bars and restaurants, which are located in a small town of Ringlet.

Attractions of Ringlet Cameron Highland

Just after travelling from the departing destination of Tapah, you will come across the most attractive sightseeing object, an image of a huge strawberry, which is actually its statue. You shall come across this while passing the Perak border at the place of Pahang.

Ringlet is the place of rural built and not wisely made for the tourism purpose. Therefore, there are very few hotels to stay and during the peak days of abundant visitors, there is a lack of space. In case, if you are going in peak season to view the tempting sights of Ringlet, then you will have to especially plan a whole day visit to this attractive village and return at night to your respective resort/hotel.

Following are the major sightseeing attractions of Ringlet Cameron Highland mentioned as under:


The Lakehouse is the most beautiful sight to be toured, when visiting Ringlet. It is mainly popular as a colonial boutique kind hotel, situated at a distance of only a few kilometers away from the northern side of the village.

Sultan Abu Bakar Dam:

It is a tourism destination; located along the road, which is straightly directed to the nearby agricultural valley, i.e. Habu town (famous for Boh Tea Plantation). Its distinctive feature is that it is of huge size with ochre-color and its water also falls in Cameron Highlands.

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Bertam Valley:

You can visit another attraction in Ringlet. You can explore another agricultural village, renowned as Bertam Valley (Another gateway to Cameron Highlands if departing from Kuala Lipis or Raub while passing through the points of Pos Betau and Sungai Koyan).

Ringlet Cameron Highland is a place to discover farming and their related facts. You may not only have the opportunity to view the beautiful scenes here, but you can learn a lot from the dwellers as well as farmers. Agricultural opportunities offered here, have added on to its value greatly.

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