Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia

See Colorful Butterflies in Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular travel destinations in West Malaysia. This extensive hill station is a home to 4 major towns, surrounded by villages at varying altitudes. Cameron Highlands is set to be located 1850 meters above the sea level, and due to that altitude, the weather stays very pleasant throughout. The temperature never exceeds below 10 degrees in the night and above 25 degrees in the day time.

Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands

This cool revitalizing weather makes Cameron Highland favorable for yielding a variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Over the years, Cameron Highlands has become a popular tourist spot due to its best attractions. Tourists or visitors come to spend their vacations chilling in this salubrious hill station and fascinate themselves with all the views and scenic beauty that it welcomes its visitors with. From Mossy forests to night market and big red strawberry farms – there are many other worth-visiting tourist sites.

Similarly, Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm also earned itself a privilege of being one of the most visited sites in Brinchang. The owner and founder of the Cameron Highlands butterfly farm had a hobby of collecting and breeding different species of butterfly and hence started the butterfly farm in 1990.

Hence it became one of the most well-known tropical butterfly house in Malaysia located in KEA Farm Brinchang. However, the idea one might get from the name “farm” is quite contradictory to how the collection is brought in. The butterfly insects are not farmed, bred or cultivated, but rather restocked from wild specimens on the regular basis.

The Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm is not only a tiny cage with a collection of butterflies fluttering their wings all around- but it’s a well-established exhibition house where you may also see other wildlife species other than butterflies. These are basically built for a visit’s purpose for both the locals and tourists. This is so the tourists may gain some knowledge along with this worthwhile extraordinary experience of Malaysia’s tropical flora and fauna from this butterfly farm.

This way, the Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands does not only intends on fascinating the tourists but also serves a great purpose of conserving the responsibility of those exotic species that are endangered and at high risk of extinction. A visit to the Butterfly Farm is also among the top things to do in Cameron Highlands.

Since the butterfly and the butterfly garden are both on the same road, which is not too far away from Tanah Rata. A 20km journey, reached through either a bus or a cab. This is a must visit place for tourists in the Cameron Highlands.

The Malaysian national bird Trogonoptera brookiana, along with other similar species are worth watching. Along with beetles, snakes and lizards you also get a chance to see other interesting species easily that you might in any other part of the world.

The entrance fee is RM5 for adults and RM2 for children. The best time to visit Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands is in the morning. If you have visited Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

Address: 43rd Miles, Kea Farm, 39100, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 12-529 5568

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