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Spa Village Cameron Highlands – Revitalize Your Mind & Soul

The Spa Village Cameron Highlands is one of the beautifully constructed massage centers with numerous relaxing facilities, situated in Cameron Highlands; Malaysian peninsular. It is renowned as the third award winning massage center around the globe that offers variety of relaxing aid as well as bulk of tea treatments to its customers. For instance, each and every visitor is influenced to have an identifiable tea bath, which is primarily considered a specialty of this Spa Village.

Hence, its innumerable special offers include relaxing in a natural (outdoor) environment or else inside the cozy (indoor) atmosphere. Special rooms are also allotted for having a tea shower as well as the gymnasium room is also specifically invented as an added advantage to special relaxing treatments.

Overview of Spa Village Cameron Highlands

Revitalize your mind and soul in the serene ambiance of Cameron Highlands with various services of the spa. Read on to know more about the Spa Village and spend a day or two here to make yourself relax and fresh:

Vision of Spa Village

As far as the service is concerned, it is always meant to get your body and soul to be relaxed by adopting cultural methodologies. Therefore, the vision of Spa Village Cameron Highlands is implicitly developed to offer the cultural, regional healing therapies to their visitors.

Attractive Construction

The enticing construction of Spa Village is simply located between the pieces of dreamland that was fully camouflaged with dense lush green rainforests of Cameron Highlands specifically. The spa is, thus, established by the amalgamation of two different cultures supposed to be living here for longer periods.

Such cultures were popular as Orang Asli and British colonies. Therefore, Orang Asli were the aborigines of Cameron Highlands and British society also came to dwell in for ages in an identical vicinity of Cameron Highlands, which mainly formed the Spa Village.

Reason of creating the Spa Village

The reason behind the creation of Spa Village were Orang Asli dwellers. They were enormously aware about the variety of herbs, flowers and plants. They especially use these herbal plants as a source of natural healing ailments. The British people, then wisely realized the numerous advantages of Cameron Highlands and created the use of tea and introduced its trade for economic concerns at foremost in order to avail innumerable opportunities from the hills embedded in natural rainforest.

Distinct features of Spa Village

The healing process of Spa Village inculcates with innumerable therapies, which is certainly based on the natural produce of Cameron Highlands; generally renowned as original tea blends. Thus, the tea treatments primarily identifies as a distinct feature of Spa Village Cameron Highlands.

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The unique ambiance of Spa Village is mainly observed as enticing in a vivacious farming land, which simultaneously quadruples the result of spa treatments. The inner ambiance of spa village is allocated with six healing rooms, eight tea bath showers with two Cabanas outside the Spa and a Gymnasium is also constructed separately.

Experiences at Spa Village

After availing the services of healing treatments from the Spa Village Cameron Highlands, consumers mostly feel their selves to be cured in a natural style specifically. Therefore, customers do not miss the opportunity to have various relaxing treatments like special healing processes that includes Rose Garden, Cameron Mint, Fresh Strawberry Escapade, Ala Carte treatments, The Semai and Chrysanthemum & Avocado Escapade respectively.

Rejuvenate yourself at the Spa Village and refresh your inner self with a perfect natural therapy from the experts. Though the beauty of Cameron Highlands is itself pleasing to the eyes and soul, but the treatments at the spa is an added advantage.

Address: Cameron Highlands Resort, By the Golf Course, Tanah Rata, Pahang, 39000, Malaysia
Phone: +60 5-491 1100

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