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Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands Review & Tips

The Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands is an extremely tempting place of the Cameron Highlands, which is built within the village of Tanah Rata and Brinchang at an occupied distance of about seven acres of mountainous area. The weather temperature always remains cool because of its construction at a certain height. The resort has been distinguishable designed with 7 blocks of walk-up rooms, which spreads over the land of 7-acres.

Therefore, tourists and local visitors of Malaysia usually never miss the opportunity to spend their holidays in the amusing hilly areas of Cameron Highlands. Hence, Strawberry Park Resort was established due to the strong influence of the spectacular beauty of Cameron Highlands mainly. You can say it was built to provide tourists and local visitors a chance to enjoy their holidays within the awesome greenery.

Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands

If you are planning to visit Cameron Highlands for a business trip or just to enjoy your holiday, consider our detailed overview of the Strawberry Park Resort. This will provide you a complete insight of the resort, so that you can plan your vacations accordingly:

History of the Resort

During the period of 1885, the British surveyor renowned as William Cameron was predominantly the cause of this particular Highlands’ discovery. He simultaneously introduced its natural temptations of vivacious plateaus as well as lush green rain-forest cliffs by the Malaysian Government in order to let this place be explored for its imminent beauties by the general and international public at all.

It was thus, told by the historians that soon after the discovery of Cameron Highlands, Strawberry Park Resort was then inaugurated by the local Malay there, named Sir Hugh Low. Whereas, the major purpose of this resort creation was to build robust health in a pleasurable environment of rain forest cliffs.

Thus, Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands is predominantly the nature’s blend of rusty hills with an essence of an urban region within a beautified crust of the Highlands. It seems like giggling with the clouds, where the tourists are deeply excited and enthralled to come to this ideal resort.

Weather Condition

Tourists and local visitors, mostly stay here to take pleasure of the cultivated land in a chilled weather, which is especially measured within twenty degrees Celsius at day and while at night it usually drops to ten degrees Celsius respectively.

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Facilities offered at Strawberry Park Resort

The Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands provides innumerable facilities to its guests, which include separately constructed beautiful rooms, specified for vacation purpose. Also, the resort has built-in special physical fitness & massage centers for the reason of being adaptable to the body & soul fitness while assuming natural and fresh air of Cameron Highlands specifically.

It is also considered as the enormous profit gaining resort due to its excessive and luxurious facilities being offered to abundant tourists. During your stay here, you can take advantage of its numerous facilities, offered especially for the guests to have a good time. Here at the resort you and your family members are allowed to use the Sauna bath, special playground area reserved for children, an indoor swimming pool, tennis court and massage facility.

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Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands also has a gift shop, access to WiFi, special business facilities like conference and meeting halls. Also, local visitors and tourists, who are fans of destination weddings can also avail its various wedding packages. Furthermore, the resort also facilitates its guests in exploring the surrounding sights.

Special Room designs

The resort is similarly popular in offering distinctively designed rooms with a single, double or twin bed attributes that are known as Studio and Tioga Deluxe Suite in particular. The rooms allotted as two bed types are Fresno Family Suite. The Penthouse and Shasta Family Suite are assigned with four beds in total. So, it is suggested to must visit and enjoy the beauty of this resort by reserving various types of rooms mentioned above as per choice.

Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands is an ideal place to stay in the serene and peaceful highlands of Malaysia. Once you visit this place, you will yourself feel refreshed and geared up for the future challenges. Planning your vacations at a beautiful place for sure leads to success, as it leaves a positive impact on the mind and body.

Address: Lot 195 & 196, Jalan Strawberry Park, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 5-491 1166

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