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Tanah Rata Cameron Highland – An Ideal Tourist Spot

Tanah Rata Cameron Highland is the largest town of Cameron Highlands. Tanah Rata means Flat Land in local Malay language. It is 150 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur and 20 kilometers from Ipoh; Malaysia. It can be traced at a distance of ten kilometers towards the northern portion of Ringlet or it can also be reached about two kilometers if you are travelling on the leveled road before the Brinchang town.

Tanah Rata Cameron Highland

Tanah Rata Cameron Highland is renowned as the authoritative center of a highland resort destination. Therefore, it is specialized in yielding its popular features, to the general public at its optimum level, because it is simultaneously considered to be the major hub of public transport arriving from the destinations of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh as well as Taman Negara.

You will also explore abundant hotels, apartments, resorts, also capable at large to offer guest rooms in town and in the vicinity of the countryside as well that primarily includes backpackers rooms and lodges.

Tanah Rata is a basically a village town built on a street found in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. This village is renowned for its most tempting sights, abundant hotels, numerous guest houses, restaurants, medical clinic, pharmacy, hospital, banks, travel offices, post office and souvenir shops as well.

Climate impact

The destined location of Tanah Rata Cameron Highland is located at the highest peak in Malaysia. Therefore, the weather is mostly chilled here, in contrast to other places of Malaysia. For instance, the standard temperature of this place is recorded as twenty-five degrees Celsius or below twenty degrees Celsius mostly.

Sights to discover in Tanah Rata

  • Tanah Rata is basically occupied within a small portion; a small town of Cameron Highlands which is majorly popular for its specific street. Jalan Besar is packed on both the sides with shops, guesthouses as well as restaurants.
  • The construction of this particular village town also include a hospital and a small sized medical clinic (seen adjacent to the bus terminal and the taxi stand at corner side of the street). In case of medical emergency a tourist or a visitor to Tanah Rata, does not need to travel a long way to Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh in search of a medical aid.
  • There are myriad hiking trails that begin from the Tanah Rata in Cameron Highland. Few of the visitors only need to walk at a little distance to reach the hiking trails while others exactly start from the Tanah Rata village.
  • The most popular attraction in Tanah Rata Cameron Highland is especially lengthy strolls at the jungles of Tanah Rata. The jungle trekking at Cameron Highlands most adventurous and excited thing to be performed by plenty of tourists, which is mainly directed to the natural sights of Perit falls and cliff heights climbing as well.

Its jungle Gunung Beremban has the height of 1,812 meters, jungle Gunung Metengi’s height is 1,535 meters, jungle Gunung Perdah is about 1,551 meters and the jungle Gunung Jasar’s height is accumulated to 1,670 meters approximately. Whereas, you can easily get the map of jungle walks from the nearest shops, hotels and cafés at the Tanah Rata village.

Hotels in Tanah Rata Cameron Highland

The furnished and half priced innumerable hotels in Tanah Rata relatively depicts an influencing impact on the tourists for a long term stay and enjoy the natural tempting atmosphere of this place with intense astonishment’s. Some of the best comfortable hotels are as under:

  • Century Pines Resort
  • Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands
  • Khor’s Apartment Greenhill Resort
  • Planters Country Hotel
  • Bird Nest Hotel
  • Zermatt Hotel and etc.

These are the most visited hotels by abundant tourists here in Tanah Rata Cameron Highland; Malaysia.

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Tanah Rata is an ideal place to stay on your vacation, as it offers a number of facilities at the nearest location. You need to not to worry, as you will find nearly all the necessities nearby, which are highly essential. Shop, dine-in and explore the beautiful places in Tanah Rata.

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