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Top 10 Cameron Highlands Attractions for Tourists

The crown hill station, Cameron Highlands- located high above the blooming plains of West Peninsular Malaysia, offers a beautiful climate all year around with temperatures between 17 to 23 degrees Celsius. It was once a gateway to officers and their families during the British rule. This English summer heaven has now become the most visited tourist spots. Cameron Highlands Attractions are not only ideal for tourists, but also a great destination for local visitors and families.

There are plenty of things to do in Cameron Highlands for tourists. If you really want to have a great time with your family, then it is the place to be. Cameron Highlands is also known for its Agricultural tendencies. Also, it is well known for its beautiful places, unique forests and tracks for trekking.

Must-Visit Cameron Highlands Tourist Attractions

If you are planning a vacation, either with your friends or family members, then this time you should opt to explore the beauty of the earth Cameron Highlands. Highlighted below are some of the most appealing attractions for the tourists, visiting this place:

1. Mossy Forest

Located on Sungai Palas Estate road, these tall mossy forests, also known as cloud forests, are seen on high mountains. This forest is most appealing to the tourists and one of the most visited Cameron Highlands attractions. The trees in this forest are 10 meters tall, which houses numerous mosses, pitcher plants, liverworts, orchids and ferns.

2. Big Red Strawberry Farm

It is also located on Sungai Road, along with a numerous other strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands. Further, renowned as Taman Agro Tourism, Cameron Highlands. The Big Red Strawberry Farm is suitable for people of all age groups, from old to adolescents. The great fact about this farm is that it is a destination in itself, because it’s too big. Adults enjoy a walk across the farms and the children here enjoy their time playing games.

This one of the best Cameron Highlands attractions is a fully sheltered farm, with naturally grown strawberries and lettuces. There is a center for potted plants along with a gift shop having all the souvenirs. You will find pillows, clothing, key chains and toys in the shape of strawberries.

The tourists are also allowed to pluck as many strawberries as they like and pay rendering by the weight of fetched strawberries.

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3. Bharat Tea Estate

The Bharat Tea Estate is located on Ringlet to Tanah Rata Road and offers satiating views. There is a souvenir shop along with a tea shop where tourists often stop by and relax with fresh tea, when tired after a long drive up the Cameron Highlands. It is one of the most visited Cameron Highlands attractions in town for the higher-quality tea.

4. Rafflesia Flower

Tourists never miss a worthwhile half an hour walk through Hill Dipterocarp and the Bamboo Forest to get to the Rafflesia flower. Although there are some tourist shops that help you get to the Rafflesia Flower, and those who have a 4WD to offer. It is more preferred since it saves you an hour of a mud trek to get to this unique flower in the valley of Cameron Highlands.

5. Mount Brinchang

Sungai Palas Estate Road has some breathtaking panoramic views to welcome its visitors within Brinchang, one of the first major cities of Cameron Highlands. Located at the height of 6666 ft, makes Brinchang one of the highest roads. However, one needs to be very careful while driving because of the narrow and steep road. Once you will get on the top of Mount Brinchang, you will witness spectacular panoramic view of the Cameron Highlands. A breathtaking site, not to be missed.

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6. Brinchang’s Time Tunnel Museum

The Time Tunnel Museum is yet another Cameron Highlands attractions for tourists that contributes to the charm of Brinchang. This museum is of great importance to those emotions associated with the Malaysian history and Cameron Evolution. You will find priceless photographs depicting the past, and some other items and antiques from the old days.

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7. Lavender Garden

The Lavender Garden is amongst the newest tourist attraction sites discovered in the Cameron highlands. It is found located a little before Tringkap Town while coming from Simpang Pulai. This flower themed park was officially opened in 2013 and has some great variety of flowers of lavender colors. Visitors have a lot to amuse themselves here. Roses, peony and Camellia are some of the many other species of flowers grown in this garden.

The small gift shop that sells lavender flowers and other products makes this garden more than just a park. So, don’t you ever miss this chance to explore one of the beautiful Cameron Highlands attractions.

8. Cameron Highland’s Agro Technology Park

The Agro Technology Park is located within the Cameron highlands station that does not only exhibit the flowering plants, fruits and vegetables, but is also known for being an experimental station for agriculture purpose. Situated by a kilometer from Tanah Rata, Agro Technology Center also shows off with the much heard of an English garden, strawberry farms and vegetable production, but also offers an accommodation in their English cottage.

The tour around this place is only entertained on Mondays and Thursdays, from 8 am to 12:45 pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm respectively. The Cameron Highlands attractions not only provide pleasure to the tourists, but also add on to their knowledge.

9. Chai Kok Lim – Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

There are some things that Cameron Highlands is popularly known for – tea plantations, jungle trails and… strawberry farms! The Malaysia’s famous hill station play host to more than a few hydroponics strawberry agronomy sites that is worth a visit for all the tourists and visitors. While the stroll across the farm in itself is worthwhile, you shouldn’t keep a chance to pluck the strawberries yourself and to fetch your sample of freshly made jam and ice-cream.

Situated on 255, Jalan Sg. Manson, 39100 Brinchang, the Kok Lim Strawberry Farm opens at 8 in the morning and closes by 18:15 in the evening.

10. Cactus Valley

One of the Cameron Highlands attractions, famous for its beauty is Cactus Valley. Situated within the premises of Tringkap and Tanah Rata territory, the cactus valley is a home to a myriad of flowers, fruits, vegetables apart from cacti. While you surprise yourself with a walk in this beautiful and colorful valley, you may also pick a potted plant as a souvenir from here. Situated in Pekan Lama, Brinchang, the cactus valley is open for tourists from 8:00am to 18:00pm.

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These are the best Cameron Highlands attractions in town. The idea to jot them down here is to help you plan accordingly, if you are in the mood to have a full-fledge vacation here. We wish you a memorable holiday that you could cherish the entire life.

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