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Top 10 Interesting Places to Visit in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a popular hill station situated in west peninsula of Malaysia. Located about 1850m above the sea level. This fashions a very nice and cool weather with the temperature that doesn’t exceed above 25 degrees in the day and below 10 degrees in the night. Hence, the temperature is very suitable for yielding various varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Over the years, Cameron Highlands has become a favorite tourist destination, not only because of the awesome weather, but also for its interesting places that are very appealing to the visitors. It is the only hill station found at that altitude that can be accessed easily by road. There are a number of interesting places to visit in Cameron Highlands, through the steep and hilly route. It has a scenic beauty and the green mountainous terrain, which are a treat to the eyes. You might stop by and at numerous places while on your way to Cameron Highlands.

Interesting Places to Visit in Cameron Highlands

There are a number of places which you can opt to visit and have a great day in Cameron Highlands. After a thorough research, we have listed below in detail some of the interesting ones:

1. The Mossy Forest

It is also known as Gunung Brinchang, which is the highest peak in the resort and therefore, great tourist’s interest for its tall and mossy forest. With trees as tall as 10m and clouds on a lower level, forms the never ending mist. Above the forest a site intoxicating to the visitors whose senses don’t cease to be amazed by the trees, plants and other creatures. This is one of its kind boardwalk at mount Brinchang- a stand-in unlike any other in west peninsula. It is one of the must places to visit in Cameron Highlands.

2. Observation Tower

It is a worth visit observation tower on Mount Brinchang (the highest peak in Cameron Highlands), that offers breathtaking panoramic views to the visitors who come all the way from the main road up to an altitude of 6,666 ft above sea level. You will definitely have a memory to cherish here, do take your Smartphones or cameras for amazing clicks.

3. Tea Factory

Boh Tea plantation is a tea cultivating farm and factory found in Sungai Palas station. Also known for being Malaysia’s largest tea producing company. There are special tours offered to the visitors, who might come by to refresh their senses by the beautiful tea plantations spread over the wide hills and also those who come by for educational purposes.

There is a nearby factory where the tea is processed and packed – site followed by a café where hot tea is served with cakes for the refreshment purposes. Add this in your list of ‘must’ places to visit in Cameron Highlands.

4. KEA Vegetable Farm

the KEA Vegetable Farm is found near Brinchang, almost 5km from Cameron Highlands. It is a popular vegetable farm with a variety of fruits and vegetables. This is open to the visitors for gaining insight and they can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables from here. Learn more about KEA Farm Cameron Highlands.

5. Hutan Lipur Parit

The Hutan Lipur Parit is a newly discovered one of the interesting places to visit in Cameron Highlands, located about 250 meters from Taman, and is often visited by locals or tourists for picnics, by people who love the nature or for swimming. You can do plenty of activities in Cameron Highlands by visiting Hutan Lipur Parit.

6. Local Villages

Cameron Highlands is a hill station that is comprised of 4 major towns, surrounded by villages at varying altitudes. These villages, known as an Orang Asli villages in the Highlands are one of the interesting places to visit, where you will get to meet the oldest inhabitants of Cameron Highlands. While some are found deep in the jungle, others are situated alongside the roads on your way to the Highlands.

7. Lata Iskandar Waterfall

One of the best places to visit in Cameron Highlands is Lata Iskandar Waterfall. On your way from Tapah to Ringlet, you must stop by this wonderful waterfall alongside the road. This is a perfect spot and totally worth breaking your journey along the beautiful mountainous highland road.

8. Sam Poh Temple

The Sam Poh Temple was built and designed by a Buddhist and is situated high up in the Brinchang Mountain. The designs and ornaments make it one of the many interesting places worth visiting in Cameron Highlands. You can pay a trip to the temple upon your trip to the Mount Brinchang.

9. Strawberry, Butterfly & Honey Bee Farm

The cool temperature of the retreat makes this hill station suitable for cultivating strawberries. Hence Big Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands is one of the largest in the entire Malaysia. Along with the Rose Valley, the Cactus Valley and the other nurseries, a strawberry farm area worth visiting interesting places in the hill station.

10. Golf Clubs

With a tricky terrain and greenery, there is a splendid but a challenging 18-hole course golf club in Cameron Highlands, where you may play at for RM70 in the Club house. It is suggested to play early in the morning as heavy afternoon rains are quite common.

Make the most of your time and plan your vacations at the Cameron Highlands wisely, so that you may not miss out any beautiful tourist attraction in Cameron Highlands. Hopefully the above discussed places might help you out in your decision.

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