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Visit Cameron Highlands Night Market (Pasar Malam)

The Cameron Highlands Night Market, Pasar Malam is of great eminence to the tourist who come and visit the salubrious hill Station. Cameron Highlands, situated 500 ft off the sea level, is found in west peninsular Malaysia. For its beautiful weather and greenery, this hill station has been attracting a lot of tourists and visitors.

Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam

Cameron Highlands night market, or Pasar Malam does not only appeal to the locals but also the tourists from all over. The night market is currently situated in Brinchang, stretched along both sides of the main road. The Cameron Highlands night market, starting off at around 3pm onwards, is usually held on weekends, public holidays or vacations. And like always, whenever there is a night market, there is a traffic jam. Since there are more traders and a variety of shops and stalls, the roads are completely blocked.

In case you are trying to get to Cameron Highlands, and arrival is anticipated in the evening, using the Simpang Pulai route is not suggested. This is due to the slow-down of cars since the roads are flooded with people and visitors that are headed to the night market.

The best thing about Cameron Highlands Night Market is that it holds a huge variety of shops, ranging from clothes to food to souvenirs. However, visitors often come to the night market to satiate their taste buds in the evening.

From scrunching of people’s footsteps, the lights from the bulbs of the stalls to the aroma of chicken and lamb being cooked in gravy is a much needed boost to the soul and senses.

While the souvenir stall along one side of the main road sold all sorts of things related to the Cameron Highlands theme among which the most popular items are the strawberry umbrella, floral ornaments and other handicrafts.

Cameron Highlands houses one of Malaysia’s best strawberry farms, for which reason you will find a variety of strawberry jams and other edibles like strawberry ice creams. Similarly, the flowers are in a huge variety that are very reasonable as compared to any floral shop in Malaysia. The only glitch that you may need to deal with is cleaning the thorns off the flowers.

None the less, if there are no vegetables it is not a night market. The vendors have cleaned and packed the vegetables like cabbages, carrots, capsicums and cucumbers. These cocktails of vegetables are often sold in a bunch in the night market vegetable stalls.

Like any other market in the world, there is a flexibility for bargaining in the night market too. While the bargain might seem in futile in the early evening, the shop keepers seem to get flexible and allow good bargaining by late hours when the market is about to close down. Night markets are usually winded up by 10 pm.

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